The Catalogue Raisonné of Turi Simeti, produced by the Archivio Turi Simeti and edited/written by Antonio Addamiano and Federico Sardella, published by Skira, represents the most important publication dedicated to the artist and his artistic career.


Published in two volumes, the Catalogue Raisonné offers a mostly unpublished account of more than fifty years of work and commitment on the part of one of Italy’s most famous artists, known and acclaimed throughout the world.


Turi Simeti – born in Alcamo in 1929 but who lives and works in Milan – in 1958 moved to Rome where he established his first contacts with the art world. He was subsequently able to sojourn in London, Paris, Basel and New York, in this way coming into first-hand contact with the artistic avant-gardes of the day and moving in syntony with the growing desire to zero tradition and the preconstituted codes.


As part of this rigorous reductionist aspiration Simeti’s artistic language took on a definite recognizability by the use of the monochrome and the relief as the only composition procedures. In this way one had the appearance of the ellipse, destined to become the artist’s iconic ‘mark’ and the form that emblematically expresses the sentiment around which – and also today – his creative process both develops and unfolds.


Comprising more than one thousand and eight hundred works on canvas created since 1960, besides taking stock of what has been registered with the Archivio Turi Semeti the publication of this Catalogue Raisonné offers an unusual perspective of an artistic production that is apparently linear but which instead embodies continuous and unexpected surprises and discoveries.


The first volume is a methodical monograph. With a chronological ‘scansion’ from year to year, with the help of a wealth of iconographic material that illustrates not only the works but also presents numerous hitherto unpublished documents conserved in the artist’s studio (letters, writings, manifestos, invitations and photographic testimonies of the works inserted in the context of solo or group exhibitions), the volume proposes an extensive and far-ranging perspective that intentionally places the work by Turi Simeti inside the international artistic panorama.


Together with copious detailed information regarding the development of his artistic career, the exhibitions and the bibliography of Turi Simeti, the first volume contains an introduction by the curators, a long essay by Federico Sardella and an extensive anthology of both critical contributions and writings by the artist treating his typical relief works and his installation or monumental projects (whether actually carried out or not).


Organized chronologically, the second volume presents most of the works registered by the Archivio Turi Simeti. Besides being an important operation of identification and cataloguing of the paintings registered in the Archive, it is an essential and exhaustive instrument for fully getting an in-depth knowledge of Simeti’s work (and here the artist personally examined all of the published documents, photographs and images).


Editorial characteristics

Bilingual edition (Italian-English)

2 volumes, 24 x 28 cm, 916 pages, 1800 colour reproductions

hardcover with slipcase

ISBN 978-88-572-3410-6